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The Rotterdam Terminal Operators’ Association (VRTO) started on 30 March 2007 by merging two stevedoring associations . As a result of that merger, the Association of Rotterdam Container Companies disappeared and the Association of Rotterdam Stevedore Companies was renamed. The merger was a logical continuation of the longstanding cooperation between the two associations. But also developments in laws and regulations and in particular the tendency that the specific activities of the members could not fully apply, required joining forces.


The Association of Rotterdam Stevedoring Companies (VRS, now VRTO) has obviously a much longer history than the Association of Rotterdam Container Companies. The VRS started already on 11 December 1906, but was dissolved on 1 January 1918. Re-establishment followed on 28 February 1935 as the "Association of Rotterdamsche Stevedores'. In the commercial register of the Chamber of Commerce 27 July 1945 is registered as creation date, but that deals with the set business organizations during the Second World War (the organization committee Woltersom).

After the SVZ had decided to accommodate its individual member companies in member associations, the number of VRS members increased, and one year later the General Assembly decided on 10 December 1979 to change the name into Association of Rotterdam Stevedoring Companies.


Together with the roll-on/roll-off companies, the container companies established on 24 April 1980  the Association of Rotterdam Container and Roll on / Roll off Companies.

In April 1988 this association was dissolved and there came two separate organizations: the Association of Rotterdam roll-on/roll-off Companies (VRRR, now located in Barendrecht), followed by the Association of Rotterdam Container Companies (VRCB) on 22 April.

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