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The VRTO is member of Deltalinqs. Deltalinqs represents the common interests of all the logistical and industrial companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area. The organisation is considered to be the focal point and spokesman for more than 600 registered companies and associations.

Via its unique network of contacts, Deltalinqs is the consultation partner at regional level, with the government and with the EU.




The Federation of Private Port Operators represents the European interests of private port operators. The VRTO is member of Feport and participates in several working groups.




The CTGG is an alliance of 16 organizations whose members are involved in the transport of dangerous substances. Over 50 years the CTGG has been dedicated to enhance the safety of this transport. The CTGG represents the interests of its members in the field of the receipt, handling, transport and handling of dangerous goods. The emphasis is on involvement in establishment of rules and regulations that affect the logistical handling of dangerous goods. This applies in particular to the government that in The Netherlands, but also abroad, is conducted. 

The partnership is an association and represents almost the entire market, both the logistics service providers (except air transport) are represented as the shippers, the stakeholders, the products to be transported.
Through Deltalinqs VRTO is represented in CTGG.





International Cargo Handling Coordination Association, an international organization established for the promotion of safety in the transport chain at the national and international transport of goods, with all modalities in all stages and all associated physical actions.

Through Deltalinqs, VRTO is represented in ICHCA.




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