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Barge Center Waalhaven Ltd.


- Barge & ShortSea container terminal
- Transhipment and storage of both full and empty containers

Barge Center Waalhaven (BCW, is one of containerterminals managed by the Waalhaven Group. The terminal locations are: Botlek (strategically situated between the city and The Maasvlakte), Eemhaven, Waalhaven and Born.
BCW terminal, with a capacity of 200,000 TEU can handle ships up to 1,000 / 1,200 TEU with a draft of approximately 9,5 meter.
Barge Center Waalhaven is a barge and shortsea terminal with all facilities to handle cargo efficiently and at requirred service levels.

The terminal is a Customs area with "RTO-C"- status and AEO certification. This enables our clients to tranship their containers with minimal Customs procedures and documentation. Barge Center Waalhaven provides Customs formalities through the affiliated: Waalhaven Douane Service B.V. on site.

The terminal is equipped with reefer connections and can handle all hazardous cargo, including IMO-1.

Barge Center Waalhaven is a cost-efficient terminal, able to handle high volume of containers.

The terminal is part of the Intermodal Transport Concept, named Waalhaven Cool Barge, and offers services other terminals cannot, or only at higher cost. These services include barging, storage of full and empty containers, Customs services and trucking. Examples are our service labels:
- Waalhaven Cool Barge
- Transferium

Internal connection to repair and cleaning facilities on our adjacent empty depot (Waalhaven Terminal) provides an unique terminal / depot concept in the Port of Rotterdam.

Barge Center Waalhaven
Waalhaven West Zijde 62
3089 KR  Rotterdam
Port number 2503
Entrance via Ophemertstraat
Personal contact Leo van Driel, commercial director
Telephone +31(0)88 9440641
Mobile +31(0)6 23576920
Mail lvdriel@waalhaven-group.nl
Web www.waalhaven-group.nl

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