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C. Steinweg - Handelsveem Ltd.

C. Steinweg was founded in 1847 in Rotterdam. The company currently operates 8 multi-purpose terminals in the Port of Rotterdam and nowadays has more than 90 offices worldwide. C. Steinweg is an independent company, specialised in stevedoring and logistic services for various commodities such as non-ferrous metals, steel, project cargo, ferro-alloys and containers. We also handle soft commodities/timber and chemicals. C. Steinweg offers its customers the total logistic package by providing forwarding, stevedoring, chartering, warehousing, distribution, processing and customs services.

C. Steinweg has a wide experience in barcoding and RFID control for cargoes in transit or in stock. The modern multipurpose terminals are equipped with heavy lift cranes and special storage accommodation for all kinds of commodities, which guarantees solid and efficient cargo handling.

C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V.
Parmentierplein 1
3088 GN  Rotterdam
Telephone +31(0)10 487 9555
Fax +31(0)10 487 9910
Mail y.kagchelland@nl.steinweg.com
Web www.steinweg.com


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