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Rail Service Center Rotterdam Ltd.

Rail Service Center Rotterdam is located at the Waal-Eemhaven area and is a multimodal transshipment terminal for containers and swap bodies for Rail transport. Last year RSC Rotterdam approximately handled 310,000 units. For this transfer activities RSC Rotterdam has 8 loading / unloading tracks with 4 gantry cranes to its deposal. Furthermore,  5 reachstackers and  5 terminal tractors with multi-trailer systems are used for handling and transport of units to and from the temporary storage area to transport or deliver to neighboring companies for further transport. RSC Rotterdam has a direct connection with the “Betuwe route”. An average of 200 multimodal trains are loaded and unloaded every week.

Rail Service Center Rotterdam B.V.
Albert Plesmanweg 200
3088 GD  Rotterdam
Telephone +31(0) 10 491 3600
Fax +31(0) 10 491 3615
Mail rsc@rscrotterdam.nl
Web www.rscrotterdam.nl

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