We represent the interests of our members

What does VRTO do?

VRTO represents the interests of affiliated companies. VRTO aims to achieve this through such things as ‘providing advice and support’ to its members, cooperation with other business associations, making its views known to organisations or individuals on subjects that affect the interests of the port of Rotterdam and its members, and by representation in bodies that are involved in these topics. VRTO is represented by Deltalinqs with respect to the majority of its interests and topics. Deltalinqs is also VRTO’s mouthpiece to the outside world. VRTO implements various topics itself, such as VRTO’s General Terms and Conditions, customs affairs and topics relating to occupational health and topics safety, hazardous substances and the environment.

Customs affairs

VRTO has two Customs committees: the VRTO Container Terminals Customs Committee and the VRTO Other Terminals Customs Committee. The two committees discuss current Customs issues together and with Customs. Topics covered include the Export Control System (ECS), Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), Horizontal Surveillance, scanning logistics, ICS, customs logistics at terminals, security et cetera. VRTO is also represented in various customs and border control consultations, the Deltalinqs Border Control Logistics Committee and, through VNTO, in the National Customs Business Consultation and its working groups.

Occupational health and safety, hazardous substances and the environment

VRTO participates in the Deltalinqs Occupational health and safety, hazardous substances and environment platform (Platform AGM). This platform’s objectives are:

  • To adhere, within Deltalinqs’ objectives, to the policy on safe and environmentally-friendly storage, handling and transport of packaged environmentally hazardous substances as well as dry bulk goods in Mainport Rotterdam;
  • To represent towards the government the collective interests of the Deltalinqs logistics sector members involved in port storage and throughput with respect to working conditions, hazardous substances and the environment;
  • To monitor and stimulate activities undertaken, or to be undertaken, by Deltalinqs’ member associations in the above-mentioned areas.

In doing so, Platform AGM aims to address the following elements:

  • Topics related to the storage, transport and handling of packaged environmentally hazardous substances as well as bulk goods in the logistics chain;
  • Related (occupational) safety and environmental aspects;
  • Handling other environmental and safety issues that are important for a balanced port development, also in the context of Mainport Rotterdam’s spatial development.

The Container Terminals working group operates under Deltalinqs’ Platform AGM, which more specifically addresses issues that affect terminal operators.

Our members