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What is VRTO?

The Rotterdam Terminal Operators’ Association (VRTO) represents the interests of terminal operators in the container, roll-on/roll-off and general cargo sectors. VRTO members handle 100% of container throughput at the port of Rotterdam, a large proportion of roll-on/roll-off transport, and throughput of other general cargo and project cargo.

VRTO was established on 30 March 2007 following the merger of two stevedore associations. This resulted in the Association of Rotterdam Container Companies (VRCB) ceasing to operate and the Association of Rotterdam Stevedoring Companies (VRS) being renamed.

On behalf of and with its members, VRTO monitors developments, particularly with regard to legislation and regulations that are relevant for members’ business operations. It also meets with government agencies, other industry organisations and other bodies to discuss current topics. As an association VRTO is affiliated with Deltalinqs. This latter association can also represent VRTO and its members on cross-sector issues. VRTO members can be legal entities that operate as stevedoring companies in the Rotterdam port area.


The Association of Rotterdam Stevedoring Companies (VRS), one of the VRTO’s legal predecessors, was founded on 11 December 1906 and dissolved 11 years later on 1 January 1918. It was re-established on 28 February 1935 as the ‘Association of Rotterdam Stevedores’.

The VRTO was founded on 30 March 2007 and the VRCB merged with the VRS. Internationally, the VRTO may operate under the name Rotterdam Terminal Operators’ Association.

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